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  • Sara Fernández

321 Colombia anniversary 2024

During the last seven years, 321 Colombia has been creating a way to connect with people from all around the globe by sharing a more conscious, respectful, and fun way to eat diverse. Understanding this as a beautiful way to support the farmers, merchants, and many other actors that make it possible for us to have fresh and healthy food on our tables. 

This project is a seed that aims to recognize the importance of Colombia as a food reserve for humanity and to understand the responsibility we have just by eating. 

In all this time we have met a lot of beautiful people who have touched our hearts and vice versa. We have had the opportunity to share laughs, tears, and many anecdotes that have served as fertilizer to continue putting our hearts and souls into this unique and transformative project. 

Over the years, we have seen that adaptability is a key quality to grow, to give, and to create. Just like trees, they adapt to the environmental conditions to give us the best fruits. And that is what we have been doing from the beginning, with your support (and we’ll keep doing it). 

So, ¡thank you! Thank you for believing in this seed and for nurturing it, for sharing the values that we have been learning when it comes to eating, and for helping us to build confidence in this dream that aims to change life in positive ways. 

We are happy to have seen each other on March 7, 2024, to celebrate the anniversary of 321 Colombia and share excellent food, drinks, music, and, of course, wonderful company at CAOS Bistro Méxicano by Chef Octavio Ortega. With your support, we will continue to bring more delicious plans in special places, with wonderful guests, and with dynamics that leave us with a full belly and a happy heart.

!See you soon friends!

Written by Sara María Fernández Padilla

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