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Private dinners with a Colombian taste

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First of all, what is a private dinner?



the main meal of the day, usually the meal you eat in the evening.



only for one person or group and not for everyone

Taking the above definitions, I would dare to say that private dinners translate into the action of eating in private. But it is not only that. This is a meal that is arranged for a limited number of people in a private setting, such as a home, a private room, a restaurant, or a special event venue. The dinner can range from a casual meal to an elaborate multi-course dining experience. The guests have the opportunity to interact with each other and with the host or chef and can enjoy a unique and memorable dining experience.

And, do you know what that translates into? In eating delicious, in letting yourself be surprised, in giving yourself the opportunity to learn and meet new people, to connect with your senses and with other minds. It is, therefore, an opportunity to nourish yourself physically, mentally, and energetically.

Now, how about private dinners with a Colombian flavor? 321 Colombia has dedicated itself to designing experiences with purpose, having as its main basis the promotion and recognition of Colombia as a food reserve for humanity. 

For this reason, we have designed a series of private dinners that allow us to get to know each of the six (6) tourist regions of the country. We trace a journey throughout the Colombian territory to feel and connect, to promote the appropriation of the territory and the care of its biodiversity. 

Here's everything you need to know to get ready to embark on this adventure:

Transportation: our palates. 

Luggage: the desire to eat, learn, and connect with other people. 

Climate: diverse. 

Lodging: a cozy and homely space. 

Travel Guides: Traditional Colombian Cooks. 

First stop: Colombian Eastern Andes. 

If you like to live authentic experiences, you are passionate about diverse consumption, and want to connect with other people from the magic that emanates from food, this trip is for you! 

You can text us by clicking on the following link, to have a unique experience:  

Welcome to this feast to celebrate Colombia's diversity!

Written by: Sara María Fernández Padilla

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